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  • 公司性质:外商独资
  • 公司规模:1 - 49人
  • 工作地点:四川-成都市
  • 工作性质:全职
  • 学历要求:本科及以上
  • 工作经验:二年以上
  • 专业要求:不限
  • 外语要求:英语精通
  • 工资待遇: 4000~8000 元/月
  • 职称要求:不限
  • 招聘人数:2人
  • 招聘日期:2019-01-22 ~ 2019-04-22
岗位职责: (Job Responsibilities) - 网页程序設計与架构(Design and coding webpage layouts knowledge of php, Wordpress, and/or Magento) - 网站用戶体验及用戶介面设计(UI/UX design for websites) - 於不同平台设计以及编辑营销电子邮件(Design for various platforms and create marketing emails) - 电子商业网站及社群网站橫幅廣告編排设计(Create original graphics including: banners for e-commerce sites and promotions, social media usage) - 理解网页空间和网页设计的局限性(Understand the web space and limitations of design on web) - 商品照片整体视觉设计以及形象保持(Product photos overall visual design and image maintenance) - 负责对拍摄后的照片进行修片、扣图、调色等后期制作等(Responsible for the post-production of the photographs after shooting, such as repairing, buckling, color matching, etc.) - 从用戶角度优化现有产品图片以及设计 , 完整结合展品特性(Optimize the pictures and designs of existing products from the perspective of users, and integrate the features of exhibits completely) 任职要求:(Job requirements) - 精通 Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver) Be excellent at Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Dreamweaver) - 精通 HTML, CSS (有JavaScript 经验者优先)Be excellent at HTML, CSS (Experience with JavaScript is a plus - CET-4级以上,具溝通以及读听写英文能力CET-4 or above, good at communication and oral and written (English) 熟悉网页编码,掌握网站后台的搭建和更新技巧Familiar with web coding, Master skills to build and update website backend - 曾有网店管理工作相关经验(Experience in online shop management) - 细心 责任心強 具合作精神(Time Managing, Deadline Driven, Responsible, Collaborative, and Follow Instructions) 注:投递简历时,请说明英文能力、附上作品,附上英文简历,谢谢 (Note: When submitting a resume, please explain your English ability and include your English resume. Also, include your online design portfolio link or attach your artworks in jpg or PDF format).


  • 地址:成都市高新区天府三街新希望国际
  • 邮编:610213
  • 邮箱

* 凡招聘单位在招聘过程中向求职者收取押金、报名费、材料费、成本费等,且无法提供相关证明的,均有欺诈嫌疑,请提高警惕。

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